DLPRO and Latoken Exchange Issue Joint Statement On Continuation of Trading Along With Deposits and Withdrawals of CYFM & MFTU

Effective November 10th, 2021

Earlier this year. Distributed Ledger Performance Rights Organization announced the suspension of trading of it’s intellectual property (CYFM & MFTU) utility tokens on Latoken. DLPRO effectively forcibly turned off CYFM and MFTU Token usage, using smart contract commands, stopping Latoken from accessing the utility tokens.

A resolution has been reached between both entities. This resolution ensures a path forward that is agreed upon that takes the community, user-base and traders of the tokens needs into consideration.

Effect immediately trading may resume. Deposit and withdrawals of both CYFM & MFTU may continue. As part of the agreement reached.

With high gas fees on the Ethereum network: Latoken has agreed to migrate the CYFM & MFTU ERC20 tokens to the new Polygon Network. Going forward for deposit, withdrawals and trading. Latoken will only support the Polygon Network “CYFM & MFTU” tokens.

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