Sep 15, 2019

4 min read

The CYFM Swap & Contract Upgrade

(With an Ode to Burl Ives!)

Swapped my horse and got me a mare;
Then I rode from fair to fair.

In our last Medium Article (which included some fun with Elton John), we discussed our growth both personally and technically. In order for you and CyberFM to grow, the time has come to perform some major upgrades.

Now we know swapping has become routine for ERC20 Tokens due to the immutability of Smart Contracts, but let’s be completely clear, this is not some sort of “1 Trick Pony” (get it?). The upgrades are needed for all of the growth and features you’ll get to participate in, which based on current feedback, you all seem to love!

We’ve paid out over 2.3 BILLION CYFM tokens and do not plan to slow down!

With the new contracts and token swap: We will be releasing a new DApp that will allow users to withdraw / eject tokens on their own schedule as they please.

If they choose not to eject, they will stay in our system until doing so. This step will help us automate earnings / payouts, allowing us to focus on one major thing: growth.

This is only one of many reasons for the upgrade, but it’s safe to assume that this is most important for users like yourself! Everyone wants to get paid more often and more efficiently.

Got my wing wong waddle
To my jack straw saddle
To my jon fair faddle
To my long way home

Speaking of “Getting Paid…”

CyberFM listeners are paid the CYFM Token via the Mobile App. Both available at Apple’s iOS App Store and the Google Play Store.

At the time of the next Mobile App update, users will be earning the NEW CYFM Token. Quantities will not change, Tiers will not change, and Values will not change. But you must be cognizant of the idea that when you upgrade your MOBILE APP at either Mobile App Store, you will then be validating and earning the New Tokens on the New Smart Contract.

ANY questions that you may have, can be addressed by entering a Ticket with our Support Team on the Support Website, Inside The CyberFM Mobile App, or our Telegram Venue.

For your wallets that require manual token additions, the contract address for the new CyberFM (CYFM) Token is:


Swapped my mule and got me a cow;
And in that trade I just learned how.

We have prepared two videos to aid you in using our Swap DApp so you can assist yourselves. This video below is for a Metamask enabled web browser, such as Google Chrome, where you’d visit our swap site

This second video below, is recorded as if you are using the Trust Wallet Application’s DApp Browser. We tend to recommend “Trust Wallet” to users for it’s simplicity and compatibility. Inside the Trust Wallet DApp Browser is where you’d visit our swap site

To my wing wong waddle
To my jack straw saddle
To my jon fair faddle
To my long way home


We know, we know, we knoooooooow. We are on a lot of Exchanges. We are individually reaching out to ALL of them. As you should know, each exchange has their own policies and procedures for Token Swaps and we will meet every single one’s needs.

The best example in this case is IDEX. They are the leaders in turn around times when it comes to Swapping. We’ve already been in touch, have sent new tokens to the contract address they requested and are fully prepared. We will work closely with each and every exchange. Understand that this is a process where we rely on their actions and timeliness. CyberFM holds NO weight in the turn around times at individual Exchanges.

We do highly recommend that you withdraw your CYFM Tokens from the Exchanges that you prefer to use and are indeed using. Then perform the swap as outlined in this article. Finally, you should WAIT for YOUR PREFERRED EXCHANGE to advise YOU when they are ready to accept the new CYFM Token.

Swapped my hen and got me a mole;
And the dog-gone thing ran straight to its hole.

So with that said: This airdrop is a 1:1 airdrop. If you have 100 CYFM, you will get 100 CYFM. This is an Open Swap. We have no determined cut-off date. We are very aware that we are a bit old and with over 14,000 Holders, many of you may have locked your wallets away. We want to insure that you will be able to swap at any time. We are also aware of a multitude that are gone forever, for example, in our current CYFM Contract where they are not retrievable ever again. (One of many things resolved in the new Contract.)

So this is all under your control. You decide when to swap, you decide when to update your apps, you decide when to tune in to some of the greatest music that you’ve ever heard at CyberFM Radio!

Once your CyberFM Mobile Application is up-to-date (this is outside of our control based on YOUR phone preferences AND Google/Apple’s Propagation time) you will then be prompted on whether or not you hold the NEW CYFM Token.

If you TURN OFF AUTOMATIC UPDATES on your Mobile Phone, you should also be aware that the NEXT PAYMENTS that go out, for example, on October 1st, 2019, will be with the NEW CYFM Token.

Remember, CyberFM — We’re not Online Radio, we’re Radio, online! (And the only Radio that “pays you to listen.”)

One song you may not hear often is today’s Ode to Burl Ives. The Swap Song, cuz… why not?